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Theo’s Kitchen

Written By Scott Joseph On July 29, 2010

Theo’s Kitchen has reopened in its new space on Curry Ford Road. Theo’s had previously resided in the space on the corner of Michigan Street and Delaney Avenue where Theos_KitchenMediterranean Blue recently opened.

The new Theo’s is right next door to the Catfish Joint, which I reviewed recently. It’s a rather austere space: a short narrow room with a counter on the far end where you place your order. You make your choices from the menu board on the wall above the window to the kitchen. Very low tech here — it’s the old style Coca Cola menu board with black letters pressed into a white field.

There are no descriptions, and some items might not be self explanatory. Such as the gyros. There was a king gyros, a supreme and a platter, but no clues as to what distinguished one from the other. And there were a couple of items on the list that I had no idea about. This is basic marketing — you want to entice your customers to order something. (You also don’t want to spend all your time answering questions about the menu while a line is forming to order.)

I settled on the supreme gyros (apparently it has more meat than the king, and is served on a pita, as opposed to the platter, which is not). There was indeed lots of meat wrapped in the hot pita, and it was topped with shredded lettuce, a small slice of tomato, and a creamy feta cheese sauce. It was a satisfying gyro.

Theo’s Kitchen also specializes in fried chicken, though I don’t know why. I recall ordering some from the old location many years ago. That’s probably why I didn’t order any this time.

Although it is rather a spartan space, it is brightly lit and sports granite counters and tabletops. Theo’s Kitchen had many loyal customers who were sad to see it close. They’ll be glad to see the new Theo’s is finally open.

Theo’s Kitchen is at 2952 Curry Ford Road, Orlando (between Primrose Avenue and Crystal Lake Drive). It is open for lunch and dinner Monday through Saturday. Here’s a link to the Web site where you can see the menu.

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