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Mediterranean Blue

Written By Scott Joseph On April 28, 2010

Mediterranean Blue has finally opened in the little box of a building that housed Theo’s Kitchen for just short of forever. Theo’s


Mediterranean Blue’s gyro and stuffed grape leaves.

had occupied the restaurant near the corner of Michigan Street and Osceola Avenue so long that it became nearly invisible. Actually, I think I had just blocked it out of my mind. Despite its longevity and apparent popularity with many others, Theo’s was never a favorite of mine. In fact, I was always put off by the dinginess and questionable cleanliness of the workers I observed.

Theo’s, as I reported in this article several months ago, is relocating to a space on Curry Ford Road. Mediterranean Blue is the project of the children of the building’s landlord. The place has been beautifully spruced up and has a bright and cheery appearance.

The menu is brief, a small list of sandwiches and salads that stretch the perimeter of the Mediterranean from Greece to Italy. But in addition to the seven or so sandwiches, there were, on my visit, some other specials available, shown to me by the affable server at the counter. These included a delicious looking spanakopita and vegetarian stuffed grape leaves.

I settled on a gyro from the main menu and the grape leaves from the specials. The gyro, which features the mysterious blending of beef and lamb into a single meat that nature did not intend (but which is pretty tasty), was an ample portion, served on a doughy, warm pita. It had tomatoes and onion and a tzatziki sauce that was thicker than usual. Too many tzatzikis are runny and messy. I liked this one.

The grape leaves were big and plump, not like the Tiparello-sized dolmades that most places serve. They were filled with rice and pinenuts. Nice as a vegetarian option, but I missed the meat.

The staff were all friendly and welcoming. Orders are placed at the counter and workers call out names as orders are ready. If they’re not too busy, they’ll bring it to your table. The small dining area has windows on three sides and the little wall space that exists has the predictable Greek framed pictures. All tasteful enough.

Mediterranean Blue is at 435 E. Michigan St., Orlando. It is open for lunch and dinner Monday through Saturday. The phone number is 407-422-2583. There is a Web site, which I found through Mediterranean Blue’s Facebook page. But all there is on the Web site is an invitation to follow MB on Facebook. So here’s a link to Mediterranean Blue’s Facebook page.

Mediterranean Blue on Urbanspoon

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