Taverna Opa

  • AddressPointe Orlando
  • CityOrlando
  • Phone407-351-8660
  • Price Level$$$
  • Breakfast
  • LunchEveryday
  • DinnerEveryday
  • BrunchSaturday/Sunday
  • Wheelchair AccessYes
  • BeveragesFull Bar
  • Noise LevelEar Splitting
  • Outdoor DiningYes
  • Late NightYes
Address and Contact

This is not a place for a nice, quiet, romantic dinner, unless you consider a sound level louder than Hard Rock Café and dancing on top of a table with a scantily clad belly dancer to be romantic.However, the noise level heightens only after 7 pm when the entertainment begins.

But it’s not all ambience here. The food is surprisingly good. There are the usual items: domades, moussaka, pastitsio and the like. But you’ll also find more unusual things, such as lamb ribs, Greek country sausages, taramosalata, and a house-made yogurt that is crazy good. Don’t come here if you’re in a bad mood. On second thought, do, it’ll cheer you up, and you’ll have good food besides.

Pointe Orlando

Contact Data:
Phone: 407-351-8660
Website: Taverna Opa

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