Delmonico’s Italian Steakhouse

  • Address6115 Westwood Blvd.
  • CityOrlando
  • Phone407-226-2662
  • Price Level$$
  • Breakfast
  • LunchSat, , Sun
  • DinnerM, T, W, TH, F, Sat, Sun
  • BrunchSaturday/Sunday
  • Wheelchair AccessYes
  • BeveragesFull Bar
  • Noise LevelLoud Noise Level
  • Outdoor DiningNo
  • Late NightNo
Address and Contact

Even though this is a restaurant out of New York, don’t confuse it with the legendary Manhattan steakhouse. Not that you would once you stepped inside this casual yet boisterous place. The signature item here is the same-named cut of meat.
I must say it was an impressive looking steak, a beautiful 24-ouncer that had been cooked perfectly to the requested medium-rare. And with the exception of the first bite, which was all gristle, the meat was quite tender, and at $19.99 for such a large steak, it seemed to be quite a deal.
So would it have been too much to ask that the steak have some flavor? It had none. It was ultimately just a big slab of meat that could substantially fill an empty stomach without offering much in the way of enjoyment. It was served with a side of penne with a passable red sauce.
Unfortunately, management seems to think that anyone coming in through the door is a tourist. They’re not treated poorly, they’re just not treated as though they’re coming back again. There are dozens of places on International Drive that are better than Delmonico’s.

6115 Westwood Blvd.

Contact Data:
Phone: 407-226-2662
Website: Delmonico’s Italian Steakhouse

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