Burger & Beer Joint Closes

Written By Scott Joseph On January 9, 2015

Burger & Beer Joint, the burger and beer joint, has closed. Show of hands: Who’s surprised?

Caroline Glenn of the Central Florida Future wrote about the closing. In her article, she quoted one of the management staff:

“This concept is not for this area,” said kitchen manager McKinley Cherisol. “We didn’t get enough students here, and this area is just mostly for the college.”

Rarely do you hear someone contradicting oneself in the same sentence.

I can’t attest to the quality of either the burgers or the brews. As I commented back in May, I ended up walking out when no one bothered to serve me.

Burger & Beer Joint, of course, replaced Culpepper’s. Culpepper’s closed after six months; B&B lasted nine, so there are some bragging rights.

Maybe the property owner should install a revolving door out front.

H/T Joe Sarrubbo

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