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Yuki Hana

Written By Scott Joseph On March 28, 2013

Yuki Hana interiorOviedo has another sushi restaurant. This once culinarily challenged community has added a few Japanese/sushi restaurants to its ranks in recent year, including the fun Sushi Pop and the assemblage restaurant Sus Hi.

Now comes Yuki Hana, which would like to be known as a “Japanese Fusion” restaurant, though truthfully I don’t know what’s being fused here. It’s all pretty much straight sushi bar offerings along with traditional Japanese kitchen foods. Fusion seems to be one of those words like gastropub that people like to use even when they don’t know the meaning.

Yuki Hana is an attractive restaurant, modern and well appointed, with a large wavy wall-art logo behind the sushi bar, leather stools and chairs, dark wood tabletops, and bubble light fixtures. Also, the inevitable flatscreen televisions hanging about.

For my lunch visit, I chose the sushi combo, which featured five pieces of nigirizushi and a spicy tuna roll.

Yuki Hana sushiThe nigiri featured most of the usual sushi suspects: tuna, salmon, escolar, snapper. And one that isn’t so common: tilapia. We see tilapia on a number of menus because it is an inexpensive fish. (We also don’t see it sometimes — it’s common for unscrupulous chefs to foist it off as snapper.) Featuring it as a chef’s selection for the combo conveys a message of cheapness.

That said, the nigiri were well prepared and presented and were the perfect temperature. The salmon had a an unusual white patch that made it look as though it had brushed up against wet paint. It did not affect the taste, but it looked off. And since we eat with our eyes as well as our taste buds — especially in the case of sushi — it was a bit off-putting.

The spicy tuna roll could have been spicier. I had plenty of the wasabi paste to kick it up  a bit, but still. The lunch came with a modest miso soup.

Service was a bit aloof. I never got the feeling that anyone was happy to have my business.

Like I said, Oviedo has several sushi restaurants now.

Yuki Hana is at 3635 Aloma Ave., Oviedo. It is open for lunch and dinner daily. Here is a link to sushi-orlando.com, where you can find links to the menus, including prices. (My lunch combo was $11.) The phone number is 407-695-8808.

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