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Yet Another Change for Terrace 390

Written By Scott Joseph On February 12, 2014

terrace interior

Terrace 390 is doing another 180.

It was only a few months ago that the restaurant, which occupies a first floor space in the Bank of America building in downtown Orlando, reopened as Terrace 390 Rustic Bistro. That was a reopening for the original 390 that opened in 2011. (The first Terrace 390 had much of the same ownership of the just-closed Culpepper’s, minus Culpepper.) I reviewed Terrace just a few weeks ago.

In the past couple of weeks, the restaurant had stopped opening for dinner and had begun taking on a nightclub/drinking vibe on weekends.

Now Terrace 390 has yet another new owner, Lizette Rivera. I know this only because I stopped in at the restaurant, which was doing a nice lunch business at noon. I had tried calling, but the phone was never answered by a live person. 

I stood at the host stand at the entrance from the bank lobby and asked a server who wanted to seat me if I could speak with a manager. She said she would fetch one. Several minutes went by. Another server came up to seat me. Again I asked for a manager. He told me it would be a few minutes because they were in a meeting. (Managers having a meeting during the noon hour?) Another few minutes went by and the young fellow came back over and asked me to follow him — he would take me to the managers. 

Hey, here’s a tip for any of you out there looking to become a restaurant manager. If a guest shows up at your place and asks to speak to a manager, get up off of your butt and go speak to the guest. 

So anyway, I introduce myself to the two young women who identify themselves as the managers. I said that I had tried calling several times but no one ever answered the phone. They expressed surprise at this.

Screen Shot 2014-02-12 at 1.50.48 PMAt this point I would like to share with you a screenshot of the restaurant’s Facebook page, which I saw before I trekked down to the restaurant. Clearly someone was aware that people couldn’t get through via phone. The managers said they would have to look into that. 

The plans for Terrace 390 now are to be open for lunch Mondays through Fridays and dinner Thursdays through Saturdays. The nightclub days, or nights, if you prefer, are over, they told me. The menu will be revamped to be more streamlined. (Read: fewer items.) And there would be a concerted effort to make the space available to catered parties, such as weddings. I wish them great luck.

By the way, Terrace 390 will offer a Valentine’s Day special: a three-course dinner, including a bottle of wine, for $65. Don’t know if that’s for two; the ad on Facebook is a little unclear. I’d call to clarify that but, well, you know.

By the way, all of the Terraces 390 occurred because the space’s longtime tenant, Harvey’s Bistro, closed five years ago. Do you remember that? It was February 15, 2009. The day after Valentine’s.

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