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Yellow Pages Fading To Black?

Written By Administrator On November 3, 2008

Yellow Pages Here’s a timely little item, seeing as how this year’s load of phone directories was plunked down on my doorstep just this weekend. The following press release details how restaurants are scaling back their Yellow Pages listings to save money. This, of course, causes concern for Yellow Pages salespeople. (I especially like the imagery of YP thugs in the release.)
What is ignored here is that physical directories have all but been rendered moot, another casualty of the Internet. I have to admit, I haul out the phone books less frequently. It’s easier to Google a name and have it pop up almost instantly (0.03 seconds!) and I don’t have to put on my glasses to read the tiny type. The downside is that some restaurateurs don’t understand the importance of putting the pertinent information up front. But we’ll get there.

Raleigh, NC (PRWEB) November 2, 2008 — A whopping 60% of restaurants said they have decreased their Yellow Page directory spending over the past two years, downgrading their listing from a display ad to a bold listing, or from a bold listing to free listing. This was one of the many facts that surfaced in RestaurantMarketing.com’s “Restaurant Yellow Page Usage Report” — a survey of 214 different restaurants across the USA in various food and concept categories, from casual, to pizza to fine dining.

Restaurant marketer Joel Cohen, developer of RestaurantMarketing.com says that a total of 69% of respondents who decreased their Yellow Page expenditures over the past 2 years, eliminated their directory expenses altogether by going to a free listing.

Cohen reports that 42% of restaurants indicated when decreasing their directory expenditures, the Yellow page reps applied more sales pressure than usual and sometimes even threatening scare tactics.

Cohen says, “some restaurant owners reported that some sales reps said that their restaurant wouldn’t succeed without them being in the book. Some owners said they were hounded daily while others said they were the target of insults because of their decision.”

According to the survey, Cohen reports that the love affair with Yellow Pages is over. 80% of the restaurants surveyed said they didn’t feel that the various Yellow Page directories are successful in getting them new guests.

Over the next two to three years, 44% of the restaurants do not see the Yellow Pages as being part of their advertising budget, with 36% projecting it to be extremely minimal.

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