Y Chef Hosts Facebook Live Sunday Supper Cook-along

Written By Scott Joseph On October 18, 2017

Sunday Supper

This sounds like fun — a massive, live, online cooking class.

Gary Appelsies, chef and director of healthy eating at the YMCA of Central Florida, is hosting “Sunday Supper Live with Chef Gary” on Oct. 22, but please don’t show up at his house.

Instead, log on to Facebook and join his live broadcast as he demonstrates how to make a more healthful version of spaghetti and meatballs. In fact, go log in now and sign up, then go to the Family Dinner Project website where you can find the recipes.

appelsiesYou’ll also find the shopping list so you can get the ingredients and cook along with Appelsies. “As we work toward building healthy families, I wanted people to learn how to cook a familiar meal in a healthier way,” said Appelsies. “What could be more familiar and family-friendly than spaghetti and meatballs?”

He added that he sees the whole process as a way for a family to cook together. “The plan is to do the whole process live,” he said. “We will remind folks an hour prior to the start of the cooking class to start getting their ingredients prepped and chopped, and ask them to get out all the utensils they’ll need to cook along with us.”

You might also want to get those lentils that will be part of the bolognese soaked the night before. Just saying.

With the Facebook Live format, you’ll be able to watch and hear Appelsies as he walks you through the process. And you can type in questions or comments as the broadcast goes along.

It starts at 4 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 22. Click this link to go to the Facebook event page to sign up, and this link to go to the website with the recipes and shopping list.

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