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Wine Bar George Finds Room for Whiskey

Written By Scott Joseph On June 29, 2020

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How does Whiskey Bar George sound?

Wine Bar George, the Disney Springs restaurant and grape juice outlet owned and operated by master sommelier Geroge Miliotes, has added a signature whiskey to its portfolio: Hooten Young American Whiskey.

The whiskey is being distributed by Hooten Young Wine and Sprits, a local company that was previously known mostly for cigars. It’s owned by Tim Young and Norm Hooten, the latter a former special operations soldier with the singular distinction of having been portrayed by Eric Bana in the movie Black Hawk Down.

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Miliotes is identified on the HootenYoung website as the new whiskey’s discoverer, as though perhaps he happened upon it during an evening walk while his restaurant was shut down for a couple of months. Makes me think I’m not looking closely enough while I’m out walking my labradoodle, who really ought to have a good nose for whiskey. Or at least vodka, even though it’s supposed to be odorless. I pour myself a vodka tonic and he’s right there.

But Hooten & Young’s whiskey, the one Miliotes discovered. It’s aged 12 years and is made with a blend of corn (75%), rye (21%) and barley (4%) mash. Miliotes’s tasting notes say to look for maple, vanilla, ripe apple and a long smooth finish.

“The uniqueness of our whiskey can be attributed to the 12 years of aging,” Miliotes said in a press release, “as well as the second fill barrels instead of using the first fill. You can’t fake aged whiskey, much like you can’t claim wines are from old vines if they are new. Being able to find this aged American whiskey that is relaxed and different brings something new to an overcrowded whiskey market.”

Again with finding the whiskey.

You can discover it for yourself at Wine Bar George, Disney Springs.

And 10 percent of all profits from the sale of the whiskey go to charities supporting veterans.

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