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What the Chuck

Written By Scott Joseph On January 21, 2021

Whatthechuck kitchen

Just under the name What the Chuck and its big orange W logo (which was vaguely reminiscent of Whataburger’s) it says “A burger joint.” That pretty much sums it up.

Well, not entirely. I suppose you should also know that the burgers this joint offers are of the smash genre, wherein the patty is pressed down during grilling and flattened somewhat instead of being a thick and juicy hunk of ground beef oozing with red juices. Smashed burgers cannot be ordered, say, medium-rare because as soon as they’re smashed they’re pretty much beyond that point. Which is not to say such burgers can’t also be satisfying. You should just know before you go.

South Steel SJO March AD copy

Whatthechuck classic

I ordered the Classic Smash Burger as part of my recent order as well as the B.L.T. version. The classic was rather plainly presented, graced only with some melted cheddar cheese, a few pickles and Dijonaise mustard. It was OK but needed some oomphing.

Whatthechuck blt

The B.L.T. came already oomphed. It had thick rashers of applewood smoked bacon, red onions, tomatoes, lettuce and a slather of tomato and sherry jam. Both burgers were served on singed buns, which from photos on the burgerie’s website would seem to be something of a signature.

I also got an order of the fries, thickly cut and delightfully greasy, sprinkled with salt and rosemary.

Whatthechuck depot

Whatthechuck doors

WTC is part of Henry’s Depot, a market/food hall in a former train station in Sanford, near the city’s center. I availed of the online ordering form, which is easy to navigate – it helps that the menu isn’t voluminous or complicated – however, although it allowed for the order to be prepaid it left no option for adding a gratuity. One has to go inside for pickup.

Whatthechuck seal

I liked that the containers had tamper-evident stickers. I think these are meant to keep third-party food delivery drivers from taking out some of the food, but it also had the effect of keeping me from nibbling the fries on the way home.

Sanford’s food scene has been one of the more vibrant in the past couple of years, pandemic notwithstanding. What the Chuck may not be a destination itself, but it will be a good choice for Sanfordians looking for a quick and good burger.

What the Chuck is at 213 W. 1st St., Sanford. It is open for lunch and dinner daily. It does not list a phone number.

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