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Victoria & Albert’s to Debut New Queen Victoria Room; Will Offer an Extension of the Chef’s Table Experience

Written By Scott Joseph On January 29, 2010

Chef_tableexplains_smoking_duckOne of the best dining experiences in town, if not the best, is the chef’s table at Victoria & Albert’s. Hosted by executive chef Scott Hunnel, diners are treated to multiple courses — 13, on average — of exquisite delicacies, presented in gorgeous and sometimes unusual styles. (The last time I was there, one of the courses was served in bowls made out of salt!)

The problem is it’s one of the toughest tables to book. After all, there’s just one chef’s table, and there are only so many days in the year. (Plus, the table is often held in case VIPs need to be entertained.)

But beginning February 7 four more tables will become available for those who wish to enjoy at least some of the chef’s table experience. That’s when the restaurant will open its new dining area called the Queen Victoria Room. Set aside from the main dining room, the QVR will feature four tables that will be served the chef’s table menu for that evening. The chef’s table’s bill of fare is always different from the food served in the main dining room. The only difference will be the ambience — the quiet elegance of the dining room as opposed to the quiet elegance of Hunnel’s kitchen. (The dulcet tones of the harpist in the dining room are very nice, but real foodies will still want to sit in the kitchen to watch the cooks at work.)

Also launching soon is a new Web site for Victoria & Albert’s, separate from Walt Disney World’s cluttered and non-user-friendly site. Victoria-alberts.com should be online next week (it’s still undergoing vetting by Disney executives who are trying to look like their opinions matter).

But that’s not all. There’s also a new reservation phone number for V&A — 407-939-3862 — that bypasses the central reservation center and goes directly to the restaurant. That’s wonderful news.

Cost to book a table in the Queen Victoria Room will be the same as the chef’s table in the kitchen: $200 per person with wine pairings an extra $95. As with the regular chef’s table, guests in the QVR will have the table for the entire night. (The chef’s table at V&A’s is often a four-hour-plus event.)

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