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Vanbarry’s Public House Brunch

Written By Scott Joseph On July 30, 2015

Vanbarrys interior bar

Vanbarry’s Public House certainly has caught on. It isn’t unusual to find its patio, bar and dining room, not to mention its parking lot, full at just about any time.

That includes Sunday brunch, but if you’re willing to get there before noon, when the music fires up on the patio (fire being the operative word in the current heat), you should be able to find a table.

And go ahead and find one yourself. I’ll give you permission to “sit wherever you want” even though my companion and I stood at the front door for several minutes before anyone told us. (This after several workers glanced a sleepy eye our way, quickly looking away so as not to commit to actually greeting us. I’ve said this before but it bears repeating: If you’re not morning people, don’t open in the morning.)

Seated at one of the hightop tables in the dining room, which afforded us a view of the lake across Orange Avenue and down the hill without having to sit outside, we looked over the compact menu.

It’s an egg centric menu, as you would expect for brunch, with just a couple of non ova options. One, the Breakfast Burger, is a burger topped with an egg. Apparently it’s just a rebranding of an item from the regular menu as my server explained when I asked about it, “You can get that any time of the day.”

Vanbarrys skillet

I selected the Breakfast Skillet, a cast iron mini pan filled with hash brown potatoes blended with green peppers and onions and some big chunks of bacon. Some cheddar cheese was melted on top of the potatoes, and on top of that were two sunny side up eggs. Everything blended in to a delicious glop, the perfect sort of hangover food.

Vanbarrys burrito

My brunch date selected the Sunrise Burrito, scrambled eggs with onions, peppers, chopped tomatoes and cheese folded into a large flour tortilla. It was rather bland, and I somehow missed the sour cream and house-made salsa that was supposed to have accompanied the dish. We made do with ketchup. The burrito came with the same potatoes I had in my skillet minus the bacon. I won.

Vanbarry’s atmosphere is very beachy, just the sort of comfortable dive you’d expect to find on the coast but securely inland here.

Vanbarry’s Public House is at 4120 S. Orange Ave., Orlando. It serves brunch on Sundays from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. The phone number is 407-704-8881.

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