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Two Chefs Seafood Oyster Bar has Closed

Written By Scott Joseph On December 9, 2017

Two Chefs

What’s that saying about too many chefs? It would seem that two chefs was one too many, at least for Two Chefs Seafood Oyster Bar. The restaurant in the North Quarter has closed.

Bernard Carmouche, who opened the restaurant with fellow chef Larry Sinabaldi, said Saturday that they have dissolved their partnership and that he is in talks with a potential buyer for the Two Chefs space. However, it will remain closed until a deal is made, and it will not reopen as Two Chefs. The restaurant opened in an office structure on Magnolia Avenue in April of 2015.

Earlier this year, they opened Muddy Waters, which was subtitled “A Two Chefs Restaurant,” on Eola Drive in downtown’s Thornton Park. Carmouche will continue to operate that restaurant and said that he has plans to expand the concept, including adding another location in the area.

“It’s more ‘New Orleans,'” he said about Muddy Waters in a phone interview, “and a better fit of what I do.” Muddy Waters took the place of Mucho Tequila & Tacos, whose Beacon Hill Group’s owners Mark Angelo and Todd Ulmer are participating in Muddy Waters. They will stay on with Carmouche.

When asked if the split was amicable, Carmouche replied, “It was a good divorce.” Sinabaldi could not be reached immediately for comment.

Two Chefs Seafood Oyster Bar also featured New Orleans style food but in a more casual, low-key atmosphere. It was well received, earning the second-place Foodster Award for Best Brunch just recently. (As coincidence would have it, I dined there a week ago and presented Sinabaldi with the plaque.)

Sinabaldi and Carmouche did major renovations on the Two Chefs space, which had previously had only a small coffee shop.

Carmouche could not divulge the identity of the potential buyer but did say it is not someone currently operating a restaurant in the area.

Two chefs sinabaldi

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