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Turci Panino

Written By Scott Joseph On October 5, 2023

Turci Panino exterior

Vinicius Turci and Nathalia Kalil, the husband and wife owners of Turci Pasta in College Park, have opened Turci Panino in the former China in College Park space next door.

With Turci Panino, they’re bringing the same high quality they feature in the full service restaurant to this quick-serve sandwichery.

Southeast Black November

Turci Panino interior

The panini menu features 11 variations and combinations of meats and cheeses and unique spreads. Usually, each selection is available with the customer’s choice of bread – classic roll, rustic ciabatta or focaccia. The day I visited only focaccia was available and I’m glad it was because it really made the sandwich special.

Turci Panino sandwich

I had ordered the Turci, which has prosciutto, pecorino cream and truffle cream in between two very large squares of the fresh bread. There was plenty of thinly shaved prosciutto, adding its own  perfume, but the rich smell and taste of the truffle cream really elevated the sandwich.

At first glance, one might think $14.95 is steep for a panino. But this is what I call and all-day sandwich – I enjoyed not even half at the restaurant and then the rest of it at dinner. And I even shared some of it.

Turci Panino interior

Turci Panino is a small, narrow space with the ordering station, meat display and sandwich assembly area just past a row of banquettes on one side and a wall counter on the other.

I was greeted warmly by the staff when I entered. I looked over the menu and then started to announce my selection when one of them told me I had to order via the screen setup in front of me. Seeing as how I was the only customer there, it would have been nice if one of the staff members had just taken my order. But then payment is also made through the kiosk, so I guess that was the only way to go.

There are a few salads and appetizers on the menu, but it seems that most of the ingredients, at least as far as the appetizers are concerned, are also available in sandwiches. I think I’d much prefer to have them that way.

Turci Panino is at 2122 Edgewater Drive, Orlando (map). It is open Monday through Saturday. The phone number is 407-636-2211.

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