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Tips for Getting Better Service Even Though You Should Be Getting it By Default

Written By Scott Joseph On November 28, 2014

Whenever I see an article like this one from Lifehacker with the title “Tips from a Former Server: How to Get Better Service at a Restaurant” I greet it with a raised eyebrow. This article tells the readers how they should comport themselves when dining out to ensure their waiters treat them properly.

The problem with the concept is that everyone should be getting proper service to begin with. The article’s tone suggests that the onus is on the guest to treat the server right if one is to expect good service. It’s certainly true that being a guest in a restaurant does not excuse someone from the tenets of the Golden Rule. But my position is that into every server’s life a jerk will eventually appear. And even that jerk should get the best service available. 

But what do you think? Does the article tell you anything you didn’t know? I’d especially like to hear from some of you servers out there. Leave a comment below.

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