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Tin & Taco SoDo

Written By Scott Joseph On September 6, 2018

Tin and Taco case

When it opened in downtown Orlando, in early 2017, Tin & Taco did little to elevate the “things in a tortilla” category. I wasn’t overwhelmed by what I tasted; I wasn’t underwhelmed, either. I was just whelmed.

So I was a bit bemused to learn that T&T would be opening a second location, in the SoDo district less than three miles away. What could they possibly have learned in a short time to warrant a second location?

A lot, it would seem.

Southeast LG 2 24

My visit to the newest location showed an improved system of order taking, a friendlier staff, and most importantly, better tacos. In fact, some of the best I’ve had in a while.

Tin and Taco mac

And loaded, too. I had the terribly indulgent Mac Attack, which had ground beef topped with macaroni and cheese infused with craft beer, and sprinklings of applewood smoked bacon.

I also tried the Tacosaurus, which also had ground beef with white cheddar and cotija cheese and Southwest sauce (whatever that is; they seem a bit vague about the sauce provenances).

Tin and Taco black blue

My dining companion had the Black & Blue, which had grilled steak, smoked bacon and hefty crumbles of blue cheese, plus some cheese infused with beer.

The Notorious P.I.G. had shredded pork, beer queso and Boom sauce.

All were served in the signature flour tortilla with a bit of cheese grilled on the outside.

Our two tacos each filled us up nicely, and at $8 for two tacos, we felt we’d gotten a food bargain.

Tin and Taco tables

The SoDo location isn’t as grungy as the Washington Street restaurant but it still maintains a modest decor. I didn’t quiz a staff member about any of the craft beer selections on hand — lack of knowledge was one of my complaints with the original location — but I’m hoping the staff is a little better versed.

I confess to a little eye roll every time I hear about a new taco place opening up. But if more of them are like this newest Tin & Taco, my eyes will widen a bit.

Tin & Taco is at 419 E. Michigan St., Orlando. It’s open for lunch and dinner daily. The phone number is 407-734-5988.

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