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Tiffany’s Deli

Written By Scott Joseph On April 30, 2013

Tiffany sandwich

It must be frustrating for restaurants during times like these, when unemployment is at zero percent. They’re forced to go begging for workers with no skills, either professional or social, and be happy just to have someone — anyone — there to represent their product, their brand, never mind that they give a negative first, second and third impression.

How else would you explain the staff at Tiffany’s Deli, the new sandwich shop on Park Avenue that took over the former Brandywine space? I couldn’t have been made to feel my business was any less appreciated, from the lackadaisical “what’ll you have?” greeting at the beginning of the counter to the nearly non-communicative cash-out transaction. Then, the food was delivered to my table by a young man who placed the dishes down and walked away without uttering a sound.

My food was delivered rather quickly, so sitting too long on the counter can’t be the reason the chili was tepid, nearly cool. Maybe it was supposed to be spelled chilly.

My sandwich, the one called Tiffany’s Signature, was much better. If featured lots of thumb bits of tenderloin of beef with caramelized onions and portobello mushrooms on a fresh and doughy roll, topped with provolone cheese. I didn’t see any evidence of the bearnaise sauce mentioned on the menu, and truthfully it could have benefitted from a sauce of some kind. But it was an amply filled sandwich.

Tiffany’s Deli has indoor seating and several tables and chairs outside, which, on a day like the one I dined, is a much more pleasant dining option. You might as well eat in the warmth of the sun cause you’re sure unlikely to bask in the warmth of the staff.

Tiffany’s Deli is at 505 Park Ave. N., Winter Park. It is open for breakfast and lunch daily. It does not seem to have a website. Sandwiches are either $9 or $11. A cold cup of chili runs four bucks.

Tiffany counter

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