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Thai Island

Written By Scott Joseph On June 20, 2018

Thai Island ext

Today’s review of Thai Island includes a right wing conspiracy. Or maybe it’s left wing. Wings are definitely involved.

Thai Island is at the corner of Semoran Boulevard and Michigan Street. It sits next to Wingstop, a Buffalo wings chain, and a couple of doors down from Red Wing Shoes.

And as it turns out my favorite Thai appetizer, Angel Wing, is on Thai Island’s menu. Angel wing is a chicken wing that has had the bones — the humerus and the radius bones, as it were — removed, with the resulting void filled with chopped chicken meat and clear noodles. The result resembles more of a drumstick. Why don’t they just stuff a drumstick? you ask. I don’t know, I’m just winging it here.

Southeast LG 2 24

Thai Island wing

The new appendage is then deep fried and served with a sweet dipping sauce. TI’s had the chicken stuffing chopped fine, which made the texture a tad soft, but I liked the flavors.

Thai Island pad

I liked my Pad Thai, too. It was classically done, the rice noodles tossed in fish sauce and served with crushed peanuts and bean sprouts. It was also prepared appropriately mildly spiced, allowing the individual to add heat as desired from a condiment tray. That no condiment tray was provided until I asked for one was only slightly annoying.

Also worth noting: Chopsticks were provided with the pad Thai. Counterintuitively, Thais only use chopsticks for noodle dishes. Why do they use chopsticks only for the food hardest to eat with them? I don’t know. Stop asking so many questions.

Thai Island crisps

Thai Island fruit


Besides the food I ordered, I was also gifted with some vegetable crisps to nibble on while I waited; some grapes and cherries for a bit of sweet; and a cup of lemon tea with a sweet cookie.

It appears to be a family-staffed operations, with multiple generations represented. When I left, I was thanked warmly for my patronage. The whole meal was over in no time and I was soon winging my way home.

Thai Island is at 2522 S. Semoran Blvd., Orlando. It is open for lunch and dinner daily. There is no website but the menu is posted on Grubhub.

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