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Written By Scott Joseph On December 16, 2021

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Entering Ten Ten Chinese Seafood & Grill, you might be forgiven for thinking you’ve wandered into a wedding banquet instead of a restaurant. All of the tables are big and round, seating eight, and are draped with gold-tinged fabrics. The chairs, too, are wrapped in the same fabric and tied with a bow at the back, the type of feature that would be a separate line item on a caterers checklist.

But no, it’s just the style of Chinese dining Ten Ten presents, and you’re welcome to sit at the large table even if there are only two of you. You could even sit across from each other and pass food via the lazy Susan in the center.

Ten Ten is a second location for a Sunrise, Fla., restaurant. The Orlando restaurant is on the west side, where so many of the authentic Chinese restaurants have settled but, for a change, it is not in the repurposed strip mall known as Orlando Chinatown.

I made a quick visit to Ten Ten in advance of a trip to New York (where, unfortunately, most of the large restaurants in Chinatown remain closed, but I’ll save that for another day).

tenten pork

I ordered the roast pork on rice – actually, I ordered the roast duck but I was told the kitchen was out, even though there was a duck hanging in a case in the front of the restaurant. The pork was quite good, though, and was more like pork belly, and sauce free. It was served with steamed broccoli that screamed for some butter.

tenten shrimp

The breading on the Seafood Twin Delight was delicate and deftly fried. The twins were meant to be shrimp and scallops and I can usually tell the two apart, but if there were any scallops in the mix I missed them. Still, I liked the generous salting on the shrimp.

tenten rolls

An order of Shanghai Spring Rolls, also served without any kind of dipping sauce, added nothing to the meal except calories.

The staff were all friendly a pleasant to deal with. I should mention that along with the banquet style ambience the lighting is quite bright. It’s as if last call has been made. Or maybe the bride and groom are about the make an announcement.

tenten ext

Ten Ten Seafood & Grill is at 5600 W. Colonial Drive, Orlando, (map). It is open for lunch and dinner daily. There is no apparent website. The phone number is 407-559-9999.

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