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Taqueria Ameca

Written By Scott Joseph On March 25, 2015

Ameca interior

It’s been just over a year since my trip to Mexico City and I believe I’ve just had the most authentic Mexican food since then. It was at a little place called Taqueria Ameca.

This is a small, barebones operation in a cramped strip mall south of downtown. (It’s in the same location as the recently reviewed Flavors Nigerian.) On my recent visit the restaurant was doing a brisk lunch business, and I was encouraged to realize that I was the only non-Hispanic among them.

There is no printed menu, as far as I can tell. The selections are inartistically written on a white board near the ordering counter. There aren’t even headings — the tacos are listed with the various filling options with enchiladas, sopes and other items mixed in.

Ameca enchilada

I selected a chicken enchilada and a couple of tacos, chorizo and pork. The enchilada came out first, a simple tortilla wrapped around chicken and topped with shredded lettuce, tomatoes and some (unmelted) cheese. If you’re looking for the Tex-Mex version of an enchilada you’ll be disappointed; if you’re looking for an authentically prepared enchilada with lots of simple flavor, this is the real deal.

Ameca tacos

Same with the tacos. They were served on thick, obviously freshly made corn tortillas that were almost arepa-like. There were three of the tortillas: one for each of the meats I’d selected and another, empty one underneath. I helped myself to the accouterments of the salsa bar, which included beans, and dressed my tacos. As I ate, I realized the purpose of the extra tortilla. The fillings that dropped out as I ate the two filled tacos fell onto the waiting platform. It was like getting an extra taco for free.

Actually, it’s almost like all of the food is practically free. My bill was under six dollars. What a bargain.

I was made to feel welcome during my stay. I look forward to returning and trying some more of the delicious food.

Taqueria Ameca is at 3558 S. Orange Ave., Orlando. It is open for lunch and dinner daily. They do not have a website. The phone number is 407-851-1876.

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