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Tamale Co.

Written By Scott Joseph On April 1, 2016

Tamale Co. breakfast

If you’re in the vicinity of the Winter Park Farmer’s Market Saturday, do yourself a favor and find a parking space (try Maitland) and visit the Tamale Co. food truck.

I happened upon the truck — which is more van-like, if you want to be technical — while I was strolling along looking for something breakfasty. You might be thinking, “Tamales don’t sound like something for breakfast,” to which I say, “You must be new here.”

Besides, all you have to do is crack a couple of eggs onto just about anything and, wah-la, as they say in France, breakfast. (By the way, the French lessons are going great, thanks for asking.)

So anyway, I happened upon the tamale truckvan — shiny black with orange lettering, and poster hanging from the ordering window of two peppered eggs sitting on a couple of tamales with rice and beans. The sign said that it was called Tamale Sunrise. Perfect, I thought, and I placed an order, though I held no delusion that what I would be handed through the window would look anything like what was in the picture.

Tamale Co. sign

Actually, mine looked pretty much exactly like what was in the picture. And it was wonderfully delicious. The tamales, masa filled with pork, were quite large — more than enough for one person. The eggs were a perfect sunny-side up with just the right amount of glisten around the yolks. The refrieds were pureed black beans sprinkled with a bit of queso blanco. I loved blending everything together. I loved it even more when I drizzled some of the hot sauce over the eggs. (Both hot and mild sauces are provided.)

The truck provides a small standing table that I shared with a couple of other diners. We chatted about the tamales and other restaurants in the area. While we did, one of the young women working in the truck stood in the window and called out “good morning” to everyone passing by. Not a “hey, come over here and try our food,” just a friendly hello.

The cost of the breakfast was a bit more than you might pay in a diner: $12.76 before tip. But this was more than enough food for two people to share. And I got another breakfast out of mine, so it comes out a bit more reasonable.

You’ll find the Tamale Co. food truck on New England street just north of the Winter Park Farmer’s Market, 200 W. New England St. The market runs from 7 a.m. until 1 p.m. The food truck has a website, but frankly there isn’t much on it. You might get more out of its Facebook page.

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