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Takeout Review: Shakers American Cafe

Written By Scott Joseph On March 23, 2020

Shakers logo

In recognition of current social distancing and voluntary isolation, Scott Joseph’s Orlando Restaurant Guide will be focusing on restaurants offering takeout, delivery and curbside pickup. Check here for a continuously updated list of restaurants offering to-go options.

Among the many things we’re being denied during the coronavirus shutdown is the pleasure of a leisurely breakfast at Shakers American Cafe, a Foodster Award winner for Best Breakfast.

But while we can’t all get together in the small College Park dining room we can still enjoy the excellent food through takeout or delivery.

Southeast LG 2 24


Shakers uber

I was in the mood for a late morning Sunday brunch and didn’t want to have to get dressed – don’t judge me – so I called up Shakers’ menu on Uber Eats and placed my order. The menu is laid out neatly and each entry has a brief, succinct description. When you make a selection, you’re taken to another screen to modify and add to it. For example, if you order two eggs you can specify how you want them cooked and what sides you’d like to accompany.

I chose the Mexican Omelet for my entree. For my first side (which for some reason is listed under the second side on my iPhone) I selected homefries; for the second side I got a homemade biscuit. There were upgrades and add-ons but I was satisfied with the basics.

For my brunch companion – I told you not to judge – I got the 2×4, which features two pancakes, two eggs, two rashers of bacon and sausage links, two of those, as it turns out.

I also ordered Shakers’ popular grilled Blueberry Muffin, because Shakers.

Shakers Uber estimate

Because ordering takeout during the Covid-19 crisis should be as contactless as possible, I ticked the button on the ordering screen to authorize the driver to leave the order outside the front door. With Uber Eats, the entire transaction, including leaving a tip, is done through the app so there’s no need to exchange check slips and pens for signing.

Shakers Uber doorstep

I placed my order at 11:06 a.m. It was promised for 11:40 a.m. and arrived at 11:33.

Shakers Uber wipe

Although I know Shakers’ sanitary guidelines to be first rate, I followed the CDC recommendations and wiped down the containers – foam clamshells – with disinfectant wipes, then replated the food.

Everything was impressively still hot. And the portions of food were ample.

Shakers Uber omelet

My omelet was bursting with big hunks of chopped sausage, black beans, green chilies and cheddar cheese. It came with a side of salsa to give it a bit of a Mexican flair. The homefries were delicious and had a nice crispy crust from the griddle.

Shakers Uber pancake

My friend’s plate of eight was also a hit. The pancakes were fluffy and the eggs scrambled just right. The little tubs of butter had melted next to the hot food in transit so it was easy to pour over the griddle cakes.

Shakers Uber muffin

The grilled blueberry muffin was as good as always but it turned out to be too much to eat.

The food was as good as you’d get if owners Greg and Terry Granda had brought it to the table themselves. The only thing missing was the fun Shakers atmosphere and the buzzing of a full cafe. I thought about going around my neighborhood and borrowing a bunch of salt and pepper shakers for my breakfast table, but that would have defeated the purpose of self isolation. And you definitely would have judged me for that.

Shakers American Cafe takeout and delivery is available daily from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. The phone number is 407-422-3534

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