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Takeout Review: Pizza Bruno

Written By Scott Joseph On May 7, 2020

PizzaBruno cu

I had ordered one pie from Pizza Bruno, the popular restaurant on Curry Ford Road, but when the staff member came out to place the order in my trunk, she was carrying two boxes. She had gone back inside before I could ask about the double containers.

Concerned that I may have gotten someone else’s order – and worried I didn’t have mine – I pulled over and popped the trunk. The toppings I had requested were scribbled on one of the boxes: sausage, ‘roni, anchovies.

On the other was written, “Sorry! Has hole.”

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PizzaBruno hole box

PizzaBruno hole

And indeed when I got the order home and opened the box, a hole could clearly be seen – if you looked real close. It probably could have been covered up with some extra toppings or cheese and I wouldn’t have noticed.

But it’s a testament to pizzaiola’s veracity and self-esteem that only a replacement pie would do – and to give me the “damaged” goods, as well. (And for the record, I placed the order under a different name and used a credit card without mine on it.)

Maybe this could be a new strategy to market a two-pizza order. They could call it the Golfer’s Special because you get a hole in one. (Barump-bump.)

Actually, what I had ordered was the Classic Original, which lists three cheeses – mozzarella, parmesan and caciovallo – oregano and garlic. I like meat on a pizza, so I added the pepperoni and Italian sausage plus anchovies for a little saltiness. The additional toppings took the $13 base price up to $21, which is a bit dear for one pizza (but a bargain for two).

And it was a good pizza. It had the characteristic (and delicious) oven scorch marks on the edge of the crusts. The toppings were plentiful and the cheese substantial. The bits of nearly raw garlic were a bit startling, but overall I enjoyed the flavors.

PizzaBruno ext

The ordering process could have been smoother, but Pizza Bruno, like many other restaurants, is likely finding its way with a new business model that revolves around takeout, something it had discouraged before the shutdown. Famously, Pizza Bruno did not previously have a phone.

There is a phone number listed on the website now (and a different one cobbled to the sign out front), but I found it difficult to get someone answer, probably because of the volume of calls from PB regulars.

Instead, I followed a link on the site to Caviar, a website that offers a way for customers to place an order with an extensive list of menu descriptions and add-on options. It even allowed me to add a tip when I checked out.

But when I clicked to place the order, I received an error message that said the restaurant was no longer accepting Caviar orders for the day, even though the restaurant had opened at 5 p.m. and I was ordering at 5:30.

So, I just kept hitting redial and I finally got through. It all worked out in the end.

Pizza Bruno is at 3990 Curry Ford Road, Orlando. It is open for dinner daily. Call ahead ordering is at 407-270-6833. Keep trying.

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