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Takeout Review: Hunger St. Tacos

Written By Scott Joseph On June 2, 2020

Hungerst togo tacos

Being a fan of alliterative literature, I can think of only one thing better than Taco Tuesday: Taco Tuesday Takeout.

Surprisingly, the first two taquerias I looked up online had no information about takeout, let alone their safety protocols. But when I got to the website for Hunger St. Tacos, it clearly listed curbside pickup as an option on its front page.

What’s more, it’s initiated an online menu system that makes it easy to place a contactless order – you don’t even have to speak to anyone. I chose to call in my order anyway.

My quarantine companion and I each ordered a taco and a quesadilla. Together we shared the Fried Avocado and El Mañanero tacos and the Rajas con Crema and Campechana quesadillas.

Southeast LG 2 24

The fellow who took my order was patient and helpful. The order was ready in a matter of minutes and brought to the trunk of my car when I called from the parking lot.

Hungerst togo boxes

Hungerst togo quesa

The tacos were packaged together in one box, which was fine. The quesadillas were in individual boxes, which was also fine. However, they were not marked and they were identical. We had to cut into them to figure out which was which.

Hungerst togo avo

Both tacos were delicious and demonstrated why Hunger St. is a winner of a Best Craft Taco Foodster Award. Both were served on blue corn tortillas, one with panko breaded deep fried avocado with red cabbage, a cilantro cream (fresh cilantro, too) and cotijo cheese.

Hungerst togo mananero

The El Mañanero had seared brisket and chorizo sausage with omeletish scrambled eggs, chihuahua cheese and avocado salsa verde. It’s called a breakfast taco but I enjoyed it for dinner.

The quesadillas were ok – it isn’t called Hunger St. Quesadillas, after all. I preferred thw Campechana with brisket and chorizo over the vegetarian Rajas con Crema, with roasted poblano peppers.

I also got a side of rice and beans, the latter black beans rather than more usual pinto. I added them to my quesadilla for extra filler.

You needn’t wait for Taco Tuesday to order from Hunger St. You can get tacos to make any day delightful.

Hungerst togo ext

Hunger St. Tacos is at 2103 W. Fairbanks Ave., Winter Park. It is currently open for lunch and dinner takeout or delivery only Monday through Saturday. The phone number is 321-444-6270.

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