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Takeout Review: First Watch

Written By Scott Joseph On April 3, 2020

FWtakeout ext

Here’s a good takeout option for you weekend brunchers, although it doesn’t have to be confined to Saturday or Sunday because for a lot of us right now everyday is like a weekend.

First Watch has always been a popular choice for morning and midday meals, and now you can make all your selections using its new online ordering system, one of the user-friendliest I’ve ever seen.

Southeast LG 2 24

FWtakeout locations

You start by typing in your address or ZIP code and selecting the First Watch closest to you. I selected the store at Mills Park then clicked Order.

FWtakeout menu screen

From there you go to an easy-to-follow process of clicking through the menu, which has photos of the dishes and detailed descriptions.

FWtakeout description

Like for the Multigrain Pancakes, you can select one cake or two then specify what type you want. If you’re ordering for more than one person, you can put the name of the person getting the pancakes on the order.

FWtakeout order list

Once you’ve got your order complete, you can check it over and edit it as needed. You can also choose pickup, which involves going into the restaurant to get your order, or curbside. Since I’m all about the contactless process, I chose curbside.

FWtakeout options

That opened another box so I could put in the details of the car I’d be in. You can also select to have the food ready as soon as possible (it gives an estimated wait time) or to select a later time of even day. (Hint: Easter is coming.)

FWtakeout checkout guest

On the checkout page, you can log in if you have an account or create one. I selected the option to check out as a guest. I entered in my details, including credit card, and placed the order. It was one of the simplest ordering processes I’ve used.

FWtakeout bag

I had selected a time about 20 minutes later because it would take me that long to drive to the restaurant. I found a parking space in front of First Watch and before I could put by car in park, a young man was walking out the door with my order. I popped the lid of the trunk and he placed the bag inside.

FWtakeout containers

Back at Isolation Island, I removed the containers – pressed cardboard bowls with see-through lids, all recyclable – wiped them down then replated the food. After a 20-second handwashing, my companion and I sat down to breakfast.

FWtakeout replate

I had ordered the Power Breakfast Quinoa Bowl, which had the nutty seeds mixed with nubbins of Italian sausage and chewy bits of crimini mushrooms, plus some tomatoes and a few leafy shards of kale. On top were two lightly basted cage-free eggs that were still a perfect sunnyside up. The yolk oozed into the quinoa and it all melded into a delicious blend. If you’re feeling powerless these days, get the Power Breakfast Bowl.

FWtakeout omelet

FWtakeout salad

My companion had the Bacado Omelet, a portmanteaux of bacon and avocado with those ingredients joined by melted Monterey Jack cheese in folded eggs. Small containers of sour cream and chopped tomato salsa accompanied. And there was also a lightly dressed salad of mesclun greens.

FWtakeout pancake

We shared the plate-sized pancake, using the melting butter and syrup that came with it and supplementing both from my fridge. (Pancakes are just reasons to have lots of butter and syrup.)

FWtakeout seal

First Watch food is also available through third-party delivery providers. And if you have concerns about the integrity of the food as it travels from the restaurant to your house, you’ll be interested to know that First Watch seals the takeout bag with a tamper-proof seal.

My takeout experience from First Watch was a pleasant one, all the way from ordering through enjoying the freshly cooked food.

First Watch has multiple locations throughout Central Florida. Takeout orders are available from 7 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. daily. Orders may also be placed at 855-539-8646.

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