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Takeout Review: F&D Woodfired Italian Kitchen

Written By Scott Joseph On June 9, 2020

Woodfired Italian Kitchen

F&D Woodfired Italian Kitchen Kitchen is one of the few places I go to on a “night off,” one of those rare evenings I go out to eat just because. In those cases, I always choose a restaurant where I know the food will be good.

Southeast Black November

fanddtogo meatballs

For this takeout review, I ordered my old standbys. To begin, my companion and I shared the meatball appetizer. They didn’t look so good after a jostling in the aluminum pan container, but that’s really not an issue; the taste was every bit as delicious. Fashioned out of Italian sausage, the dense orbs were well spiced and covered with a thick marinara, sprinkled with grated pecorino and dotted with pangrattato (bread crumbs, if you prefer).

fanddtogo pizza

The Due Carni, with sausage and pepperoni, is my favorite among the pizzas because it seems to be the meatiest. And this one had plenty of both meats on the characteristically elastic crust with good singe marks from the oven. Forward notes of garlic and just a bit of hot peppery spice.

fanddtogo pappardelle

Wild Mushroom Pappardelle is my favorite pasta dish, the wide al dente noodles tossed with a rich cream sauce simmered with porcini and wild mushrooms and a bit of spinach.

The ordering and pickup process could have been smoother. I was glad to see that F&D had instituted an online ordering procedure on the Toast platform. Applications like this make it easy to peruse a menu, make a selection to add to your shopping cart, and even make modifications, such as add additional meat to a pizza or request the sauce on the side for the meatballs. (The meatball options also had a “See Server” directive and a “Don’t Make” order, which aren’t usually consumer-side instructions.)

F&D’s ordering page was missing some information. Some menu items, such as the Queen Bee pizza, had no descriptions. Do you know what a Queen Bee pizza has on it? Neither do I. Bumble Bee tuna? Honey maybe? It wasn’t intuitive, but I learned afterwards that the full descriptions are available on the menu linked to from the restaurant’s website. There I learned that the apiarian pizza has soppressata, mozzarella and, indeed, honey. But why not add the descriptions to the online ordering menu? (Prices are slightly higher on the takeout menu, too.)

Checkout was easy, and I was able to add a tip ahead of time in order to minimize contact at pickup.

But there was no place to indicate that I wanted curbside pickup. So I figured I’d just call from the restaurant’s parking lot and request it when I arrived at the time the ordering app said fanddtogo packagedmy food would be ready, which was a reasonable 30 minutes.


However, when I arrived a half hour later and called, the phone just rang busy. So there was no alternative to going inside the restaurant, which is where I learned that my order would be ready “in a few minutes.” F&D’s front dining area is a bit cramped – and they were doing a good bit of dine-in business – so I waited outside, occasionally checking on the order’s status. It would be almost 20 minutes after my arrival that the food was ready.

I was happy to see F&D doing robust business. (I’d be happier to see the kitchen staff wearing masks.) Pleased, too, that the food quality traveled home with me. A little tweaking of the ordering and pickup process and I’ll continue to visit regularly.

F&D Woodfired Italian Kitchen is at 2420 Curry Ford Road, Orlando. It is currently open for dinner daily until 8:45 p.m. The phone number, not that it will help, is 407-751-5697.

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