Written By Scott Joseph On October 5, 2021

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If I hadn’t visited TaConsentida in September, I might have suspected it was observing October’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month because this is one of the pinkest places I’ve seen. Even the tacos were served in pink tortillas.

That’s not the oddest thing, though, there’s also the name: consentida translates to spoiled, which isn’t the best name for a restaurant. In this case, according to my Spanish language advisors, the context is more like a spoiled child than a rancid rellenos. Ta consentida would mean so spoiled, so by eliding the two words – TaConsendita – it plays on the Mexican menu, which is kind of clever.

Southeast 9 23 Bosch

taconsentida cest

Or maybe the name of the restaurant is El Alacran, the scorpion, which is on the front of the building. Hard to say. I also have no idea why a Mexican restaurant would have “c’est la vie” as part of its decor.

Even curiouser is the food, which goes beyond tacos with pink tortillas. In fact, the taco entree was one of the more mundane items.

taconsentida hot dogs

Take, for example, the salchitacos, described on the menu as a sausage in a pink flour corn tortilla. I suppose, technically, that a hot dog can be considered a sausage, much in the same way that tobiko can be considered caviar. But these were definitely wieners, a Mexican version of pigs in a blanket. There were six of them in the serving, though half of one was more than filling, especially as an appetizer. It was accompanied by a tossed salad because, you know, healthy.

taconsentida tacos

Despite the menu description, the tortillas in the salchitacos were not pink, but there were unmistakably so in the tacos. I got the carnitas, which came three to an order, and they were chockfull of delicious meat, along with onions, cilantro and radishes.

taconsentida gordita

With the chicken gordita, we’re back to an oddity. Instead of masa, it was served on a huge hamburger bun-like roll, which had also been dipped into something to make the inside of the roll pink. There was a lot of chicken but it had a winter-weather coat of batter that overwhelmed the meat.

The gordita was served with fries, which were soggy and easy to set aside. The rice and beans that came with the tacos were quite good.

taconsentida ext 1

The interior of the restaurant looks as though there may have been an explosion at a cotton candy factory. There are pink sheers over the windows that partially block out the parking lot and Semoran Boulevard. Overhead, fake floral arrangements cascade down. Seating is at white tables and booths with pink cushions.

Perhaps it’s meant to be a celebratory ambience for that consentida person in your life.

TaConsentida is at 937 N. Semoran Blvd., Orlando. It is open for lunch and dinner daily. The phone number is 407-737-1111.

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