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Taco Twist

Written By Scott Joseph On December 21, 2016

Tacotwist exterior

Taco Twist is a small restaurant on West Colonial Drive that specializes in tacos. With a twist.

The twist is that in addition to your standard run of the mill Mexican variety, TT also offers a Korean version.

Of course Korean tacos aren’t that twisted themselves. One of the area’s older food trucks, Korean BBQ Taco Box, made them mainstream for Central Floridians.

At Taco Twist the tacos are available as an either/or option. You can have them in either the Mexican version or the Korean version.

I chose both.

South Steel SJO March AD copy

Tacotwist tacos

I had a Mexican pork taco and a Korean beef taco. They looked pretty much the same on the bright blue plate. They were both served on warm corn tortillas and topped with pico de gallo, shredded cheese and dark green leafy lettuce. And both had substantial helpings of meat, by the way.

The difference was in the seasonings. The pork had a distinct chili pepper pique and the beef had the soy notes of bulgogi. And they were both quite good.

Tacotwist cumplings

The Kimchi Pancake from the appetizer list was not available so I had the Dumplings. They were just average pot stickers.

Tacotwist chips

Midway through my tacos, which I ate in the spartan dining area, the young woman who had taken my order brought me complimentary chips and salsa. So getting the chips after you’ve already eaten most of your meal is a twist right there.

Tacotwist interior

Taco Twist occupies the building that previously held Southern Smoked Fish & Ribs and Italian Beefstro. I couldn’t see much of a change in the decor. The cowboy accouterments on the wall, which probably were left by the barbecue people, sort of work with the Mexican theme. But not the Korean part so much. The place looks a little run down, frankly, but the people were quite nice and accommodating.

Taco Twist is at 705 W. Colonial Drive, Orlando. There is no website. My tacos were $2.50 each and I don’t think I overpaid. The phone number is 407-930-3052.

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