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Swine & Sons and Da Kine Poke

Written By Scott Joseph On November 10, 2020

Local Butcher ext

I got a two-fer when I ordered a meal from Swine & Sons, the gourmet sandwich shop inside the Local Butcher & Market on Orange Avenue in Winter Park. I also picked up a poke bowl from Da Kine, which also shares space in the market.

And I could easily have scored a hat trick if I had chosen one of the smash burgers from S&S’s menu, which specifies it uses meat from the Local Butcher’s butchers.

But instead I was drawn to the Chicken Cordon Bleu and a Southernized Cuban sandwiches.

Southeast LG 2 24

Swine chicken

Both were good but the cordon bleu was my favorite. It featured a chicken breast, breaded and crisply fried, topped with ham and melted swiss cheese on a toasted bun that was slathered with honey mustard and garlic aioli. The sandwich was so large as to be unwieldy, but I managed to fit it all in.

Swine Cuban

The pressed Cuban featured the essential ingredients of ham, pork and swiss cheese, though here the pork was pulled instead of roasted and sliced as you’d find in a typical version, and candied collards were added along with a beer based mustard and pepper jelly. Despite the collards being billed as candied, they added an astringent note. Not unpleasant, just different.

Both sandwiches were accompanied by a generous portion of curlicue fries resembling pig tails (that is the tail of a pig and not the braided hair of a school girl). I upgraded the fries that came with the cordon bleu to pimento fries, which had them doused in the melted cheese blend. I would have been fine with the plain ones.

Dakine poke

Most of Da Kine’s menu pushes the assemblage method, but instead I ordered one of the signature bowls, the El Diablo. Even then, I had to make a few decisions, opting for ahi tuna (instead of salmon or tofu) and white rice (instead of brown of spinach).

I was happy with those choices, which went well with the crispy onions, sliced avocado and scallions that topped the bowl. The cubes of tuna were fresh and cool, and the spicy mayo and sriracha infused salt gave it all a devilish note of spicy heat.

Both Swine & Sons and Da Kine have online ordering forms, though they are on different platforms. That isn’t strange considering they’re both separate businesses that just happen to be under the same physical roof. On Swine & Sons’ website, I was able to order everything but not pay for it. On Da Kine’s, I could pay but it wouldn’t let me add a tip. Also, Da Kine’s order form is not always active, even during business hours.

I went inside to finalize the purchases and pick up the orders and noted that proper hygiene and distancing protocols were being observed. Space is available in the market for people who prefer to dine on premise.

As you may recall, Swine & Sons started life under the porcine protection of Ravenous Pig in a space across the Ravenous parking lot. I, early 2019, it was spun off and acquired by longtime Pig partners Rhys and Alexia Pohl Gawlak, who moved it to its current location little more than a block away.

Swine & Sons and Da Kine Poke are inside the Local Butcher & Market, 669 N. Orange Ave., Winter Park (map). (Da Kine has other locations; see website link.) Swine currently is open for lunch and early dinner (7 p.m.) Tuesday through Sunday. Da Kine is open for lunch and dinner (also 7 p.m.) daily. Swine & Sons: 407-636-7601; Ka Kine: 407-412-9230.

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