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Supper Club FAQs

Written By Scott Joseph On June 12, 2014

Frequently Asked Questions about Supper Club

Question: What is Supper Club?
Answer: Our Supper Clubs are special dinners at restaurants about town. They’re an opportunity for people who appreciate good food and wine to get together with others who share that love.

Q: Do I have to be a member to come to Supper Club?
A: No, Supper Club is open to all.

Q: Is there a membership fee to belong to Supper Club?
A: No, the only payment is for the dinner.

Q: I want to come alone; are singles allowed?
A: We have many single diners join us. You won’t feel out of place. In most cases we sit at large tables, so you’ll meet other people with whom you already have something in common: an appreciate for good food and wine.

Q: Can I sit with my friends?
A: Every effort is made to arrange for friends to sit together.

Q: What makes Supper Club different from any other wine and food pairing dinner.
A: Each Supper Club is personally hosted by Scott Joseph, and he arranges with each restaurant to offer a dinner that not only will be an exemplary dining experience but a good value, as well.

Q: What’s included in the price?
A: The full amount of the purchase price includes all food, beverages, including alcohol, gratuity and sales tax. Guests never receive a bill at the end of the dinner unless they’ve requested to purchase something separate.

Q: It says “ticket” on the purchase page. What do you mean by that?
A: Supper Clubbers purchase a ticket to the dinners, which guarantees them a seat.

Q: What if I change my mind or I can’t make it?
A: It’s similar to purchasing a ticket to a concert or a play. You may give or sell your ticket to a friend.

Q: Do you give a refund?
A: Refunds are given only in the event the dinner is canceled. A refund will be considered if there is a waiting list for a sold-out dinner and the ticket can be resold.

Q: The Supper Club I was interested in was sold out before I even heard about it; how did that happen?
A: All Supper Clubs are announced first to recipients of Scott Joseph’s e-letter. It is possible that the recipients purchased all available tickets before the event could be published on the website or through social media.

Q: How can I make sure I’m on the recipients list?
A: All you have to do is follow this link and enter your address. (Don’t worry; we’re very careful about privacy, and we will never bombard your inbox.)


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