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Supper (Brunch) Club Redux: Ravenous Pig

Written By Scott Joseph On August 21, 2018

Ravpig brunch cover

Our first meeting of Scott Joseph’s Supper Club/Brunch Branch convened on Sunday, Aug. 5, at the estimable Ravenous Pig in Winter Park. Our group took over the bar and lounge in tables, booths and hightops under the old Cask & Larder sign. (You’ll recall that C&L occupied this part of the building briefly before that restaurant moved to Orlando International Airport, but the brewing facility that remains is still technically under the Cask & Larder brandage.)

Chef de cuisine Nick Sierputowski greeted us and gave a rundown of the food and beverages that were to come. Some of the clubbers opted for the cocktail pairings with a different concoction with each course. Others were satisfied to sip their welcome drink of Broker’s Gin, coconut tea, orange-lemon oleo and milk wash.

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Ravpig brunch oysters

In honor of National Oyster Day, which serendipitously fell on that Sunday, our first course featured some on the half shell with a foamy mignonette fashioned out of Minus 8 vinegar and a Champagne emulsion.

Ravpig brunch cuke

The drink was a White Sangria, which RavPig keeps on tap, made with Italian white wine, gin, and elderflower liqueur with cucumbers and blueberries. It’s almost like having a fruit cup, but more fun.

Ravpig brunch benedict

Southern Benedict was my favorite course. It had barbecued pulled pork and candied collard greens on an English muffin. A coddled egg was balanced atop and draped with a redeye hollandaise.

Ravpig brunch orange

Orange Skies was the drink, made with Wodka Vodka and orange juice with a hint of vanilla and ginger.

Ravpig brunch waffle

Chicken & Waffles followed. It featured a smoked thigh, breaded and crispy, leaning on a puffy Belgian waffle with foie caramel for a nice earthy taste.

Ravpig brunch watermelon

To go with the smokiness of the chicken thigh, the cocktail was Smoke on the Watermelon, made with Arette Tequila and Findecia Mezcal and Dolin Blanc vermouth.

Ravpig brunch bun

Dessert was a Cinnamon Roll, because brunch. The fresh pastry was topped with a large dollop of goat milk ricotta and sprinkled with granola dotted with pistachios.

Even the cinnamon bun had its own drink, the curiously named Corn & Oil, with black strap rum and falernum syrup.

The Ravenous Pig servers kept the brunch moving at an efficient but unrushed pace — nobody wants brunch to go too fast.

All the food and cocktails were terrific, and it seemed that everyone had a good time. I think we should consider more brunchtime Supper Clubs. What do you think?

Ravenous Pig is at 565 W. Fairbanks Ave., Winter Park. Brunch is served Sundays from 10:30 a.m. to 3 p.m.. The phone number is 407-628-2333.

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