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Super Rico Colombian Bistro

Written By Scott Joseph On February 4, 2014

Super pataconesSuper Rico’s patacones.

Another food trucker recently went wheelless. What began as Que Rico Colombian Fast Food in 2011 as part of the burgeoning food truck scene is now Super Rico Colombian Bistro. A frequent if not permanent location for the Latin American truck was the corner of Orange Avenue and Pine Street, servicing the hunger needs of downtown partiers. The owners liked the downtown location, so when they decided to hang up the keys and go all brick and mortarie, they chose a spot not too far from that corner.

The new location, in a parking structure on Central Boulevard next to the railroad tracks, doesn’t have a whole lot more room than your average truck. But the food that it puts out is still first rate.

Super arepa

As it did with Que Rico, Super Rico features burgers as one of its signature items. I had enjoyed QR’s arepa burger in the past, so I ordered it this time, too. The arepa burger is conventional in just about every way except that instead of a bun the patty is placed between two arepas, the South American corn cakes. And these arepas are a bit thinner, less crumbly than your basic arepa. This isn’t a typical food in Colombia, but it’s a fine creative twist.

Super pinones

My friends and I also had an order of chicken pinchos, a sort of Latin American shish kabab with chunks of chicken skewered with onions and peppers. The meat and vegetables were good, but we all agreed we liked the yuca fries they were served on even more. 

We also liked the patacones, pressed green plantains a la tostones topped with beef and grilled onions plus a sprinkling of queso blanco. A bit of hogao, a tomato and onion sauce, added just the right grace note.

Super empanadas

The empanadas were also very nice — flaky pastries filled with gooey melted cheese. (I also tried one of the beef-filled empanadas but I liked the cheese better.)

There isn’t much seating inside, but there are several substantially strong picnic tables out front. Actually, the tables seemed to belong to a bar that is next door to Super Rico (indeed, I walked into that space first and was told the restaurant was next door). But when I placed my order at the counter inside Super Rico, the young woman told us we were welcome to sit at the outside tables and she would bring us our food when it was ready. The food, by the way, is served on traditional black clay Colombian plates instead of cheapish plastic baskets, a nice touch.

All of the people, including the young man in the bar who told us we were in the wrong place, were friendly and welcoming. 

Super Rico Colombian Bistro is at 57 W. Central Blvd, Orlando. It is open for lunch Monday trough Friday and dinner Monday through Saturday, until 3 a.m. on weekends. There isn’t a thing on the menu over $8. The phone number is 407-426-7007.

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