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Sunny’s Egg Cafe and Sushi Bar

Written By Scott Joseph On October 15, 2015

Sunnys melt

I’ve seen sushi show up in some unusual places, but I think this might be the strangest: Sunny’s Egg Cafe and Sushi Bar.

I’ve evolved over the years from my view that sushi was something that should be served only from Japanese restaurants. I gave way to the thinking that it was a good way to introduce fresh fish selections onto other menus. Though it started with Thai and other Asian restaurants, sushi as a staple merged onto more mainstream menus. This is the first diner with a sushi bar that I’ve seen.

And my loosening of sushi strictures has advanced far enough that I can even accept this. Sush a pairing could be fun and creative. The key, however, is that you have to nail it on both sides of the menu, and based on my experience, Sunny’s Egg Cafe and Sushi Bar does not. And instead of excelling in one area, it delivers only mediocre results all around.

Sunnys soup

I chose the Spicy Tuna Roll as my sushi selection, and from the cafe side the Patty Melt, a classic diner dish. The sushi came with miso soup and the usual salad with ginger dressing. Nothing exciting there, but then I never expect much from either.

Sunnys sushi

The sushi roll was not spicy, despite the name, and the coins were loosely rolled rather than firm and compact.

The patty melt looked great, the rye bread perfectly toasted and the two halves nestled next to a nest of equally golden fries. The sandiwch, however had a meagre amount of meat, and the cheese — the melt part of the name — wasn’t any more prevalent. The fries were the most disappointing, greasy and limp.

The food came out of the kitchen at a curiously slow rate. My server was young and seemingly unexperienced, but she apologized for the long delay.

Sunny’s occupies the space in the Longwood Village Shoppes that previously was Chef Henry’s and before that Journeys. Decor is modest — best option these days is to grab one of the tables outside.

This could be a fun and unique place, but they’ll have to step up with the quality.

Sunny’s Egg Cafe and Sushi Bar is at 1831 State Road 434, Longwood. It is open for breakfast and lunch daily and Tuesday through Saturday for dinner. There does not appear to be a website. Prices are reasonable with most items under $10. The phone number is 407-9603807.

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