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Streetwise Urban Food

Written By Scott Joseph On February 13, 2020

Streetwise exterior

I stopped in the other day at Streetwise Urban Food, a small quick-serve on Hoffner Avenue that, despite listing its opening date as April, 2019, seems as though it’s just moved in.

There’s a temporary sign hanging in front of the strip mall space, and inside a clear-glass Pepsi cooler had only one lone bottle in it. Perhaps they were anticipating a delivery following a run on soda?

Not sure. When I entered the space it was eerily quiet and there was no one out front. But a young woman soon appeared from the kitchen space and greeted me, asking me what she could get me. I explained that I had only just arrived and needed to consider the menu.

South Steel SJO March AD copy

Streetwise cooler

As the name suggests, rather redundantly, the speciality here is street food, which apparently is anything you want it to be. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone walking around noshing on Chicken & Waffles before, but there it is on the Streetwise menu. Actually, the full name of the item is Chicken & Waffles Hot Mess, which is what it would be if you tried to eat it while walking down the street.

Burgers are more portable but I still see them as restaurant food. But that’s just me.

I ordered Pulled Chicken Sandwich and the Locos Tacos, which have apparently been driven mad by the inclusion of rice with the seasoned steak. I also requested a side of the Salt N’ Pepper Fries and asked for everything to go. (There are tables and chairs but with the place so empty they did not feel very inviting.)

Streetwise tacos

Streetwise broken

And I was less than a 15 minute drive home. However, that may have been enough to ruin the tacos. I know that the young woman heated the corn tortillas, which is necessary to keep them from crumbling. But either it wasn’t enough or the drive-time was too long and they’d cooled. When I tried to pick up the double-wrapped tacos they disintegrated. It’s the first time I had to eat a taco with a fork. They looked pretty, at least before I tried to pick them up, and the flavors were good, though it would have been nice to have been offered some sauce.

Streetwise sandwich

The sandwich had a rather low fillings-to-bun ratio, but the pulled chicken was nicely dressed and I liked the piquant onions and the slab of provolone.

The fries were another thing. That’s the full order you see in the photo, hardly worth the additional $2.55 charge. Then again, I’m not sure $8.95 each for the other items is appropriate, either.

But I suppose that’s what they’re getting on the street.

Streetwise Urban Food is at 4434 Hoffner Ave., Orlando. It is open for lunch and dinner Monday through Saturday. The phone number is 407-270-5200.

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