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Special 12 Year Vertical Tasting of Shafer Hillside Select

Written By Scott Joseph On August 10, 2010

Wine on the Way.com is offering a special wine tasting of Shafer Hillside Select on Thursday, September 2. It will be a verical tasting of 12 years of the popular cabernet sauvignon. Master sommelier Andrew McNamara, formerly of Orlando but now affiliated with Premier Beverage Company in South Florida, will serve as the evening’s host.


Master sommelier Andrew McNamara

The tasting will be held in the Wine Cellar at Luma on Park from 6 to 7:30 p.m. Cost is $150 per person. Anyone who knows fine wine — and especially those who know Shafer — will see that as a bargain. For information, call 407-733-9463, or send e-mail to Adam Chilvers at [email protected].

Here’s a list of the vintages along with wine expert Robert Parker’s ratings:

1994: 99 points
1995: 99 points
1996: 98 points
1997: 99 points
1998: 94 points
1999: 97 points
2000: 93 points
2001: 99 points
2002: 100 points
2003: 95 points
2004: 97 points
2005: 97 points

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