Southeast Steel installing new line of high-end appliances

Written By Scott Joseph On April 16, 2021

Southeast LG

Our friends at Southeast Steel, the popular appliance warehouse in downtown Orlando, are in the middle of an exciting project: replacing the working showroom kitchen with a new line of high-end appliances from LG. The Signature Kitchen Suite is LG’s bid to compete with the likes of Wolf, Viking and Sub Zero, and Southeast Steel will be the area’s exclusive dealer.

The most interesting piece of equipment going into the show kitchen is a cooktop with built-in sous vide, even if the cooktop is mainly gas. It features a water chamber with the circulator built in and its own temperature control knob on the stove. I would love not having to pull my sous vide circulator from the cupboard, fill a pot with water and lug it over to a counter whenever I wanted to sous vide something. It makes perfect sense, and LG is the first company to offer it.

The Signature Kitchen Suite also has appliances with both gas burners and an induction cooktop and a steam oven chamber next to a conventional oven.

Southeast 9 23 Bosch

And since this is the 21st century, the appliances can be operated through LG’s ThinQ Technology, so in theory if you have your hands full in the kitchen you can tell your smart speaker to turn the burner under the pot that’s starting to boil down to medium-high.

LG developed the series with the idea to be “true to food.” We’re paying closer attention to how our food is grown and sourced, following the path from farm to table. LG says that last link before the table – how the food is cooked – should be part of the equation, too.

Southeast construction

I visited the showroom earlier this week and the new cabinets were in and the appliances were stacked nearby, still in their boxes, waiting to be installed. (Just like anyone else doing a kitchen refurbishment, Southeast Steel has to wait for the electricians and plumbers to become available.)

But owner Stu Kimball promised me that when the kitchen is ready I can come in and put it through its paces. I’m already looking in to having a Scott’s Kitchen sign made to put over the doorway.

If you want to stop by and see the Signature Kitchen Suite appliances yourself, visit Southeast Steel at 63 Amelia St. Orlando.

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