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Shoufi Mahfi

Written By Scott Joseph On March 10, 2020

Shoufi view

Hey, what’s up?

Or should I say Shoufi Mahfi? Because that’s what’s up for today. And that’s the translation.

Shoufi Mahfi is a charming little Mediterranean restaurant in South Orlando near the intersection of Sand Lake Road and John Young Parkway. It’s a counter service operation, but the staff is so warm and welcoming you might think you’re dining in a full service restaurant.

Southeast Black November

Shoufi platter

I ordered the Shoufi Combo Platter, which netted me sizeable portions of the kefta, chicken and shish kabob on jasmine rice, accompanied with some pita for rolling. All three meats were well seasoned and tender, especially the beef, but I also liked the full-flavored lamb. The meats were accompanied by a garlic sauce, and when they say garlic sauce, they mean GARLIC sauce. Very strong.

The platters come with a choice of side dishes, so I selected Mujaddara and Falafel. Mujaddara is a blend of lentils and rice or other groats and some onions. It was a nice change from the usual sides.

The falafel was among the best I’ve had in Central Florida, and it even came close to the chickpea fritters that are served at L’As du Fallafel in Paris. Yes, they’re that good. I can’t wait to return and have them in a pita sandwich.

Shoufi pie

While I was checking out at the counter, I saw a stack of rolled spinach pies in a heated display case. Great suggestive selling technique; I had to have one. It had chopped spinach and walnuts with onions and a good squirt of lemon rolled inside house-made dough. Too much to eat after all I had already had but I enjoyed it later on.

Shoufi counter

The dining area is small but tidy. It’s a pleasant place to sit, or you can get your food to go and enjoy it leisurely.

Shoufi Mahfi is at 8379 S. John Young Parkway. Orlando. It is open for lunch and early dinner Monday through Saturday. The phone number is 407-930-1332.


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