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Se7en Bites Bakery Shop

Written By Scott Joseph On December 26, 2013

Seven sandwich

That little space at 207 N. Primrose Ave. in Orlando’s Milk District is a lot less spookier these days. Until recently, it was Spooky’s Black Cat Cafe, an eclectically odd little eatery with lots of atmosphere. Before that, and for many years, it was the Sandwich King.

Now it is Se7en Bites Bake Shop. Yes, that’s spelled Se7en, but it is not pronounced seh-seh-ven-en; just say 7. It’s makes for a cute logo, but it can be hell on search engines. If you only heard someone pronounce the name and then tried to locate it on, say, Urbanspoon, by typing Seven, you wouldn’t find it. 

Luckily the folks involved with the restaurant are a lot better at making good food than at search engine optimization.

SBBS is serves breakfast and lunch items in a bright and cheery space. Gone is the nomadic clutter from the previous occupant. The decor is slightly industrial, perhaps to communicate that it’s a working bakery. The counter space has metal siding and chairs are metal, too, with a few padded banquettes along the big front window.

I stopped in for lunch and read over the list of items on the black board behind the counter. The selections are broken into “savory” and “sweet” categories, with the latter about twice as long. But I stayed with the former, deciding on the meatloaf sandwich over the chicken pot pie.

Actually, to be precise, it was called a meatloaf sammy, and was served with a mashed potato schmear, which is deli slang for, well, a smear. The sandwich was simple but good. The loaf, served in between two slices of toasted, buttery bread, was smooth textured but still had good meaty flavor. Having the mashed potatoes in the sandwich gave it a mushy texture. This was the second sandwich I’ve had in the last couple of months with the mashed potatoes as an ingredient — is this a thing? I did not count the number of bites it took to complete the sandwich, so I can’t verify if it was indeed se7en or 9ine.

The sandwich was served with a handful of potato chips.

The staff at Se7en were all friendly and accommodating. Their cheery disposition was a nice complement to the ambience.

Se7en Bites Bakery Shop is at 207 N. Primrose Ave., Orlando. It is open for breakfast and lunch Tuesday through Sunday. The business only has a Facebook page, but if you expand the text in the “about” section, you’ll find the menu, with prices. The phone number is 407-203-0727.

seven interior

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