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Scott’s Kitchen: Roasted Pumpkin Soup from Soco Thornton Park

Written By Scott Joseph On October 28, 2020

Pumpkin Soup Still

In this episode of Scott’s Kitchen, executive chef Greg Richie of Soco Thornton Park shows Scott how to make roasted pumpkin soup with chicken and andouille sausage, served in a pumpkin shell.

Watch the video then check out the recipe below.

Note from Scott: Be sure to let the wine simmer until the vegetables are nearly dry before adding the stock and pumpkin flesh. Add more pumpkin and simmer to reduce if you think the broth is a little too thin. Richie says you can add a touch of cream if you like.

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Soco’s Roasted Pumpkin Soup with Andouille and Chicken

4 Wee B Little pumpkins
1.5 teaspoons garlic, minced
2 tablespoons onion, small dice
2 tablespoons celery, small dice
2 tablespoons carrot, small dice

1/8 teaspoon crushed red chili
Dash cinnamon
Dash allspice
1/3 cup white wine
2 sprigs of thyme

3 cups chicken stock
1 packed cup roasted pumpkin flesh from cooked pumpkins
Andouille sausage
Chicken thigh meat
Toasted pumpkin seeds
Torn basil for garnish

Cut tops off of pumpkins. Leave room to keep pumpkin like a bowl shape. Scoop out seeds.

Roast pumpkins cut side down for about 30-45 min at 350 or until interior flesh is soft and tender.

In a sauce pan, sauté garlic until golden, then add onion and celery. Lower heat and sweat until translucent. Add carrots. Add spices and toast in pot.

Deglaze with wine and simmer until almost dry.

Add thyme. Add pumpkin meat. Add stock and simmer.

Transfer to blender or use immersion blender and puree until smooth.

In a separate pan, saute some small-cut andouille sausage.
Cut up some precooked chicken meat.

Place some sausage, chicken and toasted pumpkin seeds in the bottom of each pumpkin shell. Pour soup over the top.

Top with fresh cut basil or other herb, such as fresh sage.

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