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Sazoncito Latin Food

Written By Scott Joseph On January 13, 2022

sazoncito ext

I was in the Conway area of the city recently on personal business, which I completed right around noon. So I set out to find a place for lunch and happened upon Sazoncito Latin Food, which has apparently been around for almost seven years.

It’s a small storefront in a strip mall with an impossible amount of food on display on a steam-table buffet behind the counter. As with other Latin food restaurants in the area, you choose a rice, a meat or protein and sides and move along the line as a server scoops your choices into a container.

Scoops isn’t quite the correct word – it’s more like shovels. I recall thinking as I watched the young woman serving me that she was going to need a bigger container. But somehow she got all of it inside.

Southeast LG 2 24

sazoncito box

I selected yellow rice topped with pinto beans, beef stew with carrots and potatoes, and a side of potato salad, so I was well starched. I loved the rice and beans – I could have made a meal of them alone – and the meat in the stew was tender and stringy. The potato salad was an extra kind of creamy and was just fine after I added a dash of salt.

And all of this, including tax, was under 10 bucks. And I got two meals out of it, so it’s quite a bargain.

My only complaint is that none of the foods on display are labeled and the woman dishing my selections up for me wasn’t able to tell me what they were, nor did she seem particularly interested in doing so.

But at least I could point at the things that looked good, and most of it looked good. So even if you, like me, are not fluent in Spanish, you can still get a satisfying feast.

Sazoncito is at 4542 S. Semoran Blvd., Orlando (map). (The restaurant’s website isn’t very useful.) It is open for lunch and dinner daily. Phone number is 407-802-2982.

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