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Sandwich Bar

Written By Scott Joseph On March 10, 2011

Sandwich_Bar_logoI was in the Milk District the other day and I came across a cute little sandwich bar. It’s called Sandwich Bar.

And I do mean little. It’s not a whole lot more than a walk-up window with a front door. Well, maybe a little more than that. But this is not a place where you would arrange to meet five of your friends unless a couple of them waited outside.

And there is no big sign out front, other than a Shipyard Brewing sign (a sandwich board, to be precise) on the sidewalk. If you weren’t looking for it you probably wouldn’t see it.

Look for it. Sandwich Bar serves some tasty sandwiches. The atmosphere is pleasantly urban and dark, and the staff is friendly to the point of being loquacious, but in a nice way.

I stopped in and looked over the menu, which is printed but also displayed on the wall behind the stainless steel-


Rick’s Rueben is made with pastrami and white cheddar cheese.

topped bar. I decided on Rick’s Reuben, which is different from the Paul Reuben, which are both distinguished from the traditional Reuben in that both of SB’s Rubes are made with pastrami instead of corned beef. Rick’s version has the traditional sauerkraut and horseradish but then veers off customary lines with white cheddar and jalapeno hummus with a spicy sauce, then back to traditional with rye bread, toasted, of course. (The Paul Reuben, which may or may not be named for Pee Wee Herman’s alter ego, has the traditional swiss and thousand island dressing but with  Dijon mustard.) I liked the Ricky Rube, although the heat of the sauce was a tad too dominant for the rest of the ingredients.

I also tried the Big Haas, which may or may not be named for Dan Blocker’s alter ego. (Don’t admit that you know what that means if you want people to think you’re young.) The BH was one of two entries listed under the Vegan heading on the menu. The other was one called Healthy Butt, and since we weren’t talking about pork butt, I wasn’t the least bit interested. The


The Big Haas is one of two vegan sandwiches.

Big Haas, as you might guess, featured avocado slices, mesclun greens, sweet pepper, onion, tomatoes and cucumber slices, plus some more of that yummy jalapeno hummus, on a multi-grain bun. I actually liked this sandwich more than the meated one. There seemed to be more to chew on, and this time the spicy sauce blended in with the other flavors rather than overwhelmed them.

It’s nice to have the vegan selections, though I was a little surprised there weren’t more vegetarian options, especially given that Sandwich Bar’s motto is: “Where Herbivore and Carnivore can Dine Together and Not Eat Each Other!” (Though if it really came down to an eating match, my money would be on the meat-eater. Just sayin’.)

Sandwich Bar has been open for less than two months, so I would expect some tweaking here and there before the menu is finalized. But what they’ve got now, and what they’re doing with it, is just fine.

Sandwich Bar is at 2432 E. Robinson St., Orlando. It’s open for lunch and dinner Tuesday through Sunday. There is no Web site, but this link will take you to the Facebook page. The phone number is 407-421-1670.


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