Sand Lake Road Urban Flats to Become City Fire American Oven & Bar

Written By Scott Joseph On October 12, 2010

Exclusive – As I reported earlier, well-known restaurateur Manny Garcia has brought suit against the founder of Urban Flats in which he is an investor. I also told you that in August a group of investors that included Garcia had purchased the Urban Flats at the Dellagio on Sand Lake Road’s Restaurant Row. Moving forward, Garcia has announced plans to rebrand that restaurant with a new name and concept.

Garcia, whose previous restaurants have included Pebbles, Harvey’s Bistro and Manuel’s on the 28th, all now closed, said the new restaurant would be called City Fire American Oven & Bar. The name, he said, would emphasize the stone hearth oven manufactured by Wood Stone Corp. that is the centerpiece of the current Urban Flats open kitchen. The new menu, which is still in development, will endeavor to make better use of the versatile oven, said Garcia, with such things as a burger wrapped a la chateaubriand and baked in an iron skillet placed in the oven. The menu will also feature items that will be familiar to old Pebbles devotees, including the Nutty Cheesy Salad and Chicken Vesuvio.

The physical space, which, like all the businesses at the Dellagio, is fairly new, but will undergo renovation. Garcia said the main entrance to the restaurant will be moved, and the interior will feature raised seating areas and a copper wall around the oven.

City Fire will be officially owned and operated by Garcia’s daughter and son-in-law, Gina and Michael Buell. The Buell’s also operate an Urban Flats in the Villages as franchisees. The new restaurant will also have Benj Ray on its staff. Ray has been involved with Garcia’s restaurants for many years and was the manager of Manuel’s on the 28th when it closed in 2009. Garcia said other members from the old restaurant crews may also join the new operation.


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