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Written By Scott Joseph On May 19, 2017

Rumaku interior

I was up Oviedo way the other day so I decided to stop in a try Rumaku, a quick-serve sushi joint that opened recently.

Let’s talk about how important first impressions are. They’re very important. Any questions?

I bring it up because the second that I walked through the front door, I was met with two divergent impressions. The first was from the pleasant young man behind the counter who greeted me warmly. It may just have been that he was happy to see anyone given that there were no other customers in the small storefront space at the time, which was still during the lunch hour.

The other impression hit me almost as immediately as the welcome. It was a rather putrid smell that permeated the air. I couldn’t quite place it, but it was a definite assault on the nostrils.

Gentle diner, I submit to you that unpleasant smells in any restaurant should never be part of the ambience. But in a sushi restaurant such aromas are especially unwelcome.

Southeast Black November

I don’t know why but I stayed. And the rest of the visit was fine.

Rumaku bowl

Rumaku specializes in rice bowls, and I selected the Triple Fish. The trio consisted of tuna, salmon and escolar served chirashi style over rice with some pickled ginger slices, bean sprouts, a bit of kimchi, some daikon and a sprinkling of sesame seeds.

The interior was rather dark. I thought at first that the power was off — that’s it; the exhaust fan isn’t working — but no. There was power but little light.

We’re not talking a contender for a Foodster Award for Best Sushi, but it was a nice, fresh lunch, filling with the rice, and if I held the bowl close to my face, it had a pleasant aroma. And nine bucks seemed a fair price for it.

Rumaku also does conventional sushi and some other interesting things, such as Japanese burgers, ramen, and donut rolls.

I’ll save those for another time. After the place airs out a bit.

Rumaku is at 3050 Alafaya Trail, Oviedo. It is open for lunch and dinner Monday through Saturday. The phone number is 407-542-5863.

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