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Restaurants Open on Thanksgiving Day in Orlando

Written By Scott Joseph On October 26, 2018


Sure, sure, you’re just thinking about getting through Halloween. But you really need to start thinking about the next holiday.

No, not Veterans Day. Well, yes, by all means think about Veterans Day, which is, of course, Nov. 11 but observed on Nov. 12 this year because Nov. 11 is a Sunday.

But then turn your thoughts to Thanksgiving, which is Nov. 22 and happens to fall on a Thursday, so there’s no reason to move the official celebration to a Monday.

Anyway, where are you going to eat on the big holiday, meaning Thanksgiving, not Veterans Day? If you aren’t up to the task of cooking this year and haven’t been invited to someone else’s house, you have a number of restaurants and resorts open on the 22nd to choose from.

As we do every year, the flog has compiled a list of restaurants that will be serving Thanksgiving dinner. You’ll find the list — which is growing as new information comes in — on our Holiday Dining pages. Scroll through the list and make a choice.

Once you’ve made your choice, call or go to the restaurant’s website to make a reservation. Don’t wait too long or your only options will be late at night after the carcass has been picked over or so early that the Macy’s Parade hasn’t even finished.

Even so, be prepared to be flexible with your dining time. But once you’ve made your reservation, do your best to honor it, and if you can’t, please call the restaurant to let them know you won’t be there.

Also, don’t be surprised or angry if you arrive on time for your reservation but your table isn’t ready. Restaurant Reservationism is not an exact science. It’s especially unpredictable on holidays such as Thanksgiving when a lot of families go out to dine.

And please be nice to your servers. They’re giving up spending the holiday with their own families so that you have a place to have dinner with yours. So give a nice tip, and be sure to thank them for their service.

And consider inviting a veteran to spend the day with you.

Here’s that link to the listings.

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