Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater

  • AddressDisney's Hollywood Studios
  • CityLake Buena Vista
  • Phone407-939-3463
  • Price Level$$$
  • Breakfast
  • LunchM, , T, , W, , TH, , F, , Sat, , Sun
  • DinnerM, T, W, TH, F, Sat, Sun
  • BrunchSaturday/Sunday
  • Wheelchair AccessMay be limited
  • BeveragesFull Bar
  • Noise LevelLoud Noise Level
  • Outdoor DiningNo
  • Late NightNo
Address and Contact

It’s an outdoor drive-in theater indoors. The movies glorified here are the wonderfully trashy movies of the ’50s – those low-budget flicks that had spacemen clad in Reynolds Wrap and rocket ships dangling by all-too-visible wires. Of course, when you go to a drive-in, you sit in a car, so the Disney folks have constructed some special vehicles. The cars are convertibles set up as booths, and everyone faces forward. Most of the cars have a front seat, a back seat and a middle seat. A family of six can sit two by two by two. If the kids start acting up, Dad can turn around and take a swat at them. There’s a real possibility, however, that you’ll be seated in a car with strangers. If those strangers’ kids are acting up, it is not all right to take a swat at them. As for the food, well, no one ever went to a drive-in movie for the cuisine. ‘Nuf said.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios
Lake Buena Vista

Contact Data:
Phone: 407-939-3463
Website: Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater

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