• Address42 W. Central Blvd.
  • CityOrlando
  • Phone407-849-5200
  • Price Level$$
  • Breakfast
  • LunchM, , T, , W, , TH, , F, , Sat,
  • DinnerM, T, W, TH, F, Sat, Sun
  • BrunchSaturday/Sunday
  • Wheelchair AccessYes
  • BeveragesFull Bar
  • Noise LevelMedium Noise Level
  • Outdoor DiningYes
  • Late NightYes
Address and Contact

This is more of a bar with food than a restaurant that serves a good drink. But it has a terrific outdoor space (larger and more comfortable than the indoor area) that is drawing a college-aged crowd on balmy nights.t’s mostly noshables, and there isn’t anything over $13 — in fact, most items are under $10. The menu, which was developed by the chef at Kres, although the two restaurants are owned by different entities, features soups and salads; flatbreads (to compete with Urban Flats, I suppose); pastas for the people who must have their carbs; and sliders and folds, the former being tiny burgers and the latter being wrap sandwiches. I chose the choice burger, which got me three of the little gut bombs, as we used to call the White Castle sliders. They were dense patties on Lilliputian sized buns, served with shredded lettuce, tomatoes and a small sweet pickle. The burgers were topped with cheese and they were pretty good.

42 W. Central Blvd.

Contact Data:
Phone: 407-849-5200
Website: Ember

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