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Recent Restaurant Reviews and a Whole Bunch of Gift Certificates

Written By Scott Joseph On April 27, 2015

News from the Flog    

Flogs new look 

A New Look for SJO and 14 Days of Gift Certificate Drawings


 You may have noticed some subtle changes at the Flog. The site has been given a bit of spiffing up — nothing too drastic, just a few tweaks here and there. Many of the changes are structural and designed to improve your overall experience when using SJO, especially on mobile devices. (Hey, Mr. Google, we’re fully mobile friendly!) Click here to get a look at the changes.


All of this was done in anticipation of our 6th anniversary on May 14. Six years! That’s 72 in independently owned and operated website years.

To express my appreciation, beginning today, Monday, April 27, and every day, Monday through Friday, until May 14, I will have a drawing for a gift certificate to a local restaurant. That’s 14 drawings, 14 chances for you to win. 

Rules are the same as always; you can read how to be eligible to win restaurant gift certificates here. The basic thing you need to know is that all winners are drawn from the list of subscribers to the SJO e-letter. If you’re a subscriber — and it looks like you are! — you’re already entered and always will be until you unsubscribe. If you’re not a subscriber, you can subscribe to the e-letter at this link.

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 Recent Reviews
Oley’s Kitchen and Bar-b-que: Pleasant Southern/Soul/Caribbean southeast of downtown
Rincon Latino: The former Rincon Cubano is just as good, maybe better.

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Mom day sign 
Mom’s Up Next

Here it comes, the all-time, hands-down busiest dining day of the year: Mother’s Day. You might say it’s the Mother of all Sunday Brunches. You might not.

Follow this link for a list of top dining spots to fete mom on her big day.

Restaurateurs, you can still get on the list. If you are doing a Mother’s Day special on May 10, please send me the details. I’ll include them in my Mother’s Day roundup (that sounds like the worst rodeo event ever).

Click this link to send me an email. Include the name, address and phone number of your restaurant and links to any pertinent web pages. A JPEG of the menu is fine (PDFs don’t work). 



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