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Written By Scott Joseph On July 17, 2010

I had intended to tell you about Cravings, a restaurant in the Longwood Village Shoppes. But that restaurant has been altered. It hasn’t so much undergone a sea change, it’s more like a “C” change. Cravings is now Ravings.

Why? Well, several months ago the owners of what was then still called Cravings, the same folks who own Pickles Deli, by the way, heard from the owners of another Florida


Crawfish cakes cause a craving at Ravings

food purveyor already using the name, who asked the Longwood owners if they would mind terribly changing their name. (I’m paraphrasing here.)

Ravings is a pleasant casual restaurant. The decor is simple, with tile floors and dropped faux ceiling beams with gently moving fans. The walls are painted mustard and have brightly colored paintings.

The menu ranges from burgers and sandwiches to full entrees of steak, seafood and something called pork Wellington. (Sorry, but believe something with Wellington in its name ought to begin with beef.) I stopped in for a lunch visit and started with an appetizer of crawfish cakes (I’m not such a food snob as to believe that crab is the only thing one can use in a cake.) These were pretty good. They were almost fritter-like and had bits of pepper in the blend. They were served with a jalapeno jelly that was just as sweet as it was hot.


The Cravings burger will probably undergo a name change; let’s hope that’s all that changes.

I also had the Cravings burger, which almost certainly has now been renamed. Still, a burger this good by any other name would still be thick, juicy and cooked just the way you order it. It was served on a panini roll with a thick slice of tomato, a frilly green leaf of lettuce, purple onion and a dill pickle spear. Instead of fries or baked sweet potato potato salad, I selected the apple slaw as an accompaniment. It was fine; nothing to crave or rave about.

Service was attentive bordering on solicitous. I found my meal here to be quite pleasant, and I recommend it to you.

Ravings is at 1891 W. State Road 434, Longwood. It’s open for lunch daily (brunch on Sunday) and dinner Fridays and Saturdays (after July, the restaurant will return to its schedule of dinner Wednesday through Saturday). The phone number is 407-951-8662. Here’s a link to the Web site, which is still cravingsdining.com.

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