Pizza in a Box of Pizza

Written By Scott Joseph On May 2, 2016

Pizza pizza boxPhoto: Vinnie’s Pizzeria

Here’s an instance where you may not mind that your pizza tastes like the box it came in.

Vinnie’s Pizzeria in Brooklyn is offering a pizza container fashioned out of pizza. Two square pieces of dough, slighly larger than the round pie to be placed in it, are baked with crusty edges and full complement of sauce cheese and attendant toppings of the “real” pizza.

It’s fitting that this comes out of Brooklyn, a city that knows pizzas, and where everyone who deals in them is vying for attention. Vinnie’s has certainly been getting that attention. 

A gimmick? Sure — one doubts that anyone would want to actually eat this edible box after the delivery person drops it off. But Vinnie’s is enjoying some bit of fame for its tongue in pizza-burned cheek invention.


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